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Tied for 10th place with Boris Gelfand at the 2012 World Blitz Championship in Astana. I offer chess lessons in English via ICC and Skype. The rate is 35$ per hour. I've been coaching players of various levels/age for longer than 5 years.


For more info, please contact me:


CUSTOMER REVIEWS 2 Item(s) per pageGreat Coach Review by Serg Ruch:

  • Nikolay is a passionate and professional chess coach. He takes extra time to analyze and understand student's areas of improvement and comes up with great ideas helping strengthening student chess skills. Nikolay speaks English fluently and clearly. He is kind, patient, and very well prepared. A great coach to work with! (Posted on December 25, 2018)
  • I am very excited to continue working with Nikolay! His deep understanding of concepts and professionalism will help me acheive my future goals in chess. His schedule is flexible, he is a great communicator and patient. Highly recommended! (Posted on June 1, 2018)